Initial Session



60-90 minutes


Assessment is a time to explore problematic areas with each individual, discuss expectations and gather information necessary for diagnosis and treatment.  




53 minutes


Individual sessions are person focused.  The counselor is a non-judgmental listener who will help you establish your treatment goals, increase insight, and develop strategies to address the challenges you identify.  




53 minutes


Family is how you define it. A systems approach is used to distinguish roles and themes in interactions and conflict. Skills are developed to reduce conflict and increase healthy communication.  




53 minutes


Couples participate in sessions focused on relationship challenges. Barriers to achieving and/or maintaining a healthy relationship and connection with one another are identified and addressed. 

Collaborative Treatment

In family units, multiple family members may benefit from both individual and family counseling.  More than one therapist may be appropriate. In those situations the collaboration between therapists provides unified care and treatment 

consistency toward family goals while attending to the individual needs of each family member. Jessica Jacobs, LCSW, LLC along with Julie Turner, LCSW, LLC share this vision for collaborative treatment services. Through assessment, the individual and family needs are determined and a treatment plan directed towards the identified goals is established.  Further, Jessica and Julie remain in collaboration as treatment progresses to ensure the appropriateness of treatment goals and interventions.  This service can benefit sibling groups, couples and parent-child groups.  For additional information about Julie Turner, LCSW, LLC, please visit her website at

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